May 30

The DA empathises with Joburg residents as ANC digs deeper into their pockets

Media Release by:

Vasco da Gama

DA City of Johannesburg Caucus Leader

The ANC has secured approval of its budget for Johannesburg, based on its majority in the City Council. Yet this budget does not favour the city’s residents.

The MMC for Finance, Cllr Geoffrey Makhubo, was proud to say Johannesburg is better under their administration, saying “tomorrow is better than today.” The DA wonders which City the ANC is living in and referring to, because the only better City we all know of is the one governed by the DA in Cape Town.

In the budget the DA did not oppose the Capital Expenditure proposed by the ANC. However, it did oppose the Operational Budget, for the following reasons:

  • The consumer cannot be punished for the harm done to Eskom infrastructure over the past decade.The upgrade of power stations and general maintenance are the responsibility of the government, which the ANC is now throwing onto residents.
  • Why should ordinary citizens be cornered into paying more as a result of the ANC’s incompetence? Regular street, lighting and infrastructure maintenance should be done.
  • Basic service delivery throughout the City is dismally lacking. Now residents are going to have to pay more, regardless of the lack of basics.
  • Appointments of incompetent board members and managers in the different entities within the City have killed the smooth running of the City.
  • The tariff increases do not make sense as they are above the inflation rate.
  • Residents are already feeling the pinch on different increases including petrol, electricity, water and sanitation.

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May 29

ANC Offerings: Tariff increases and Water scarcity and pollution

Media Release by:

Ralf Bittkau

DA Shadow MMC for Environment, Infrastructure and Service Delivery

The DA agrees with the claims made by MMC for Finance Cllr Geoffrey Makhubo in his budget speech that under the ANC Johannesburg today is better than yesterday but disagrees that tomorrow will be better than today.

We live in a water scarce country yet we pollute and destroy waterways at an alarming rate. Living under the Juskei I have watched this river that once held Bass, Carp, Barbel as well as Kurper in it, slowly dying to a point that it no longer sustains crabs.

However this is nothing compared to the Blue Sky Spruit in Braamfisher which is polluted at an extent that vegetation on its banks have died. It can best be described as an open sewer or cesspool. Worst of all people live next to its disease ridden stream and children play on its banks.

EISD has an operational budget of only R234 million but worst of all is that, it only has a multi-year capital budget of R77.5 million. Read the rest of this entry »

May 28

The City is not listening to residents

Media Release by:

Vasco da Gama

DA City of Johannesburg Caucus Leader

The people of Johannesburg have spoken but the City is not listening. This week’s Budget speech and the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) review both claim to set out how the City is acting on feedback from residents.

“We have heard your voices”, MMC for Finance Cllr Geoffrey Makhubo said on Tuesday. Yet many residents will look in vain to find where their requests are mentioned in the Budget or IDP documents. Many councillors report wards where not a single recommendation has been taken up by the City.

If further proof of the City’s indifference is needed, look at the petitions committee. More than 900 petitions, mostly concerning the Johannesburg Roads Agency and housing problems, are outstanding. That excludes petitions which have not been captured on the system.

How can a City which claims to heed the voices of the people allow such a backlog to develop?

The City cannot hear how people are struggling to pay their bills. Instead of merely passing on increases imposed by Rand Water and Eskom, the City should have been more creative about easing the burden of water and electricity accounts. Why are people paying so much on municipal accounts? Read the rest of this entry »

May 15

ANC insults voters’ intelligence by marching on Eskom in Soweto

Media Release by:

Vasco da Gama

DA City of Johannesburg Caucus Leader

The ANC has insulted the intelligence of voters by marching on Eskom in Soweto to protest against pre-paid meters and power cuts.

The comrades might just as well march on Luthuli House, the ANC headquarters, from where cadres are deployed. Voters know very well that Eskom and the City of Johannesburg are run by ANC deployees.

In parts of Soweto, the elements of the ANC-generated electricity crisis come together: unrealistic promises, lack of planning, dearth of technical skills, and inadequate consultation.

The Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee and others believe they have been promised and are entitled to free electricity. Yet it costs money to generate electricity.

For decades many have not been paying. Soweto alone has accumulated R8 billion debt. In addition, untold amounts are lost through electricity theft by izinyoka. The introduction of smart meters is a wake-up call to all those who have had a free ride. Read the rest of this entry »

May 13

The City of Joburg ignored the warnings but still blames Eskom

Media Release by:

Vasco da Gama

DA City of Johannesburg Caucus Leader

As power is cut to residents in Soweto the ANC is trying to take the high road in attacking Eskom, and even speaks about sabotage.

However, when industrial hubs such as Kya Sands have outages that cost millions in revenue there is not a word.
They are quick to attack Eskom as a failing entity, but they forget very conveniently under whose administration this once thriving state owned entity has failed.

Now they conveniently call for Eskom to hand over the service delivery to City Power, something which should have happened years ago. They tried to and failed to introduce the Reds system of regionalised energy delivery permits that would have ensured that Eskom became a supplier of bulk electricity to distributors such as City Power. Read the rest of this entry »

May 07

City of Johannesburg DA Caucus Leader Councillor Vasco Da Gama’s response to SOCA:

Media Release by:

Vasco da Gama

DA City of Johannesburg Caucus Leader

Good morning Madam Speaker, Executive Mayor, Members of the Mayoral Committee, Leaders of Opposition Parties, Distinguished Guests, Councillors, Members of the Media and residents of our great City of Johannesburg.

Mr Executive Mayor, this morning we meet to respond to your speech, themed, “Turning Challenges into Opportunities”. It is a wonderful dream with many great potential ideas for a World Class City to strive towards in the future.

I particularly want to start by re-quoting Former President Thabo Mbeki when he said, “We must ensure that today is better than yesterday and that tomorrow will be better than today”.

This quote really does describe what government should be working towards for its citizens and in our case what we as the City of Johannesburg should be aiming towards for our residents. With such a strong starting point I was optimistic about your speech and hoped that you would focus on the idea encapsulated in Ex-President Mbeki’s words.

Sadly this was not to be. You see Mr Mayor; it is all good to have dreams, looking at tomorrow, and great future visions of our City. We admire them. But as the municipal government of Johannesburg, our main job is to focus on the practical aspect of making the lives of our residents better today AND tomorrow. Not just always looking to that future tomorrow.

We need to ask ourselves, when our residents look at our City, do they see a World Class African City, or do they see a City with real problems?

Because fellow councillors, when I look at a City where traffic lights are constantly broken, buildings are illegally occupied, cable theft seems unstoppable, potholes are getting larger, yet tariffs are increasing at a rate similar to Eskom blackouts, I do not see a World Class City. I see real problems affecting our residents every day. I see a reality that does not match your vision Mr Mayor.
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Feb 09

Despite the need to survive it is illegal to be a Window Washer

Media Release by:

Michael Sun

DA Shadow Member of the Mayoral Committee for Public Safety

Even though the unemployment rate in South Africa is at a high, especially amongst the youth, it is illegal to wash windows for a living at intersections.

Democratic Alliance (DA) Shadow Member of Mayoral Committee for Public Safety Councillor Michael Sun highlights that it is unlawful and should be eradicated.

In terms of sections 12 (1) (a), 14 (4) and (5) of the City’s Public Road and Miscellaneous By-law it is stated that;
Section 12 (1) (a) – No person may lie, sit, congregate, loiter or walk, or otherwise act, on any public road in any manner that may obstruct traffic.
Section 14 (4) – No person may on any public road in any way loiter or solicit or inconvenience or harass any other person for the purpose of begging.
Section 14 (5) – No person may on a public road use any threatening, abusive or insulting words or gestures or behaviours with intent to cause a breach of the By-law.

Councillor Sun says, “Whilst we are mindful of people whom are trying to make a living and those who have to resort to trading on the streets, we cannot condone any kind of unlawful activity.”

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Jan 18

Blue Machine at the Ward 68 By-Election

2015-01-17 13.37.49


Apr 24

Your Vote Can Make History!

Final Poster

Apr 22

Your Vote Can Win Gauteng!


Today, 22 April 2014, DA Gauteng Premier Candidate, Mmusi Maimane, launched the final phase of the DA’s posters for the Gauteng provincial elections.

The photos can be accessed for use here.

With just 2 weeks until Election day all signs point to the closest election result in Gauteng’s history.

Today our message to every person who believes in change is clear: Your vote can win Gauteng!

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