Feb 09

Despite the need to survive it is illegal to be a Window Washer

Media Release by:

Michael Sun

DA Shadow Member of the Mayoral Committee for Public Safety

Even though the unemployment rate in South Africa is at a high, especially amongst the youth, it is illegal to wash windows for a living at intersections.

Democratic Alliance (DA) Shadow Member of Mayoral Committee for Public Safety Councillor Michael Sun highlights that it is unlawful and should be eradicated.

In terms of sections 12 (1) (a), 14 (4) and (5) of the City’s Public Road and Miscellaneous By-law it is stated that;
Section 12 (1) (a) – No person may lie, sit, congregate, loiter or walk, or otherwise act, on any public road in any manner that may obstruct traffic.
Section 14 (4) – No person may on any public road in any way loiter or solicit or inconvenience or harass any other person for the purpose of begging.
Section 14 (5) – No person may on a public road use any threatening, abusive or insulting words or gestures or behaviours with intent to cause a breach of the By-law.

Councillor Sun says, “Whilst we are mindful of people whom are trying to make a living and those who have to resort to trading on the streets, we cannot condone any kind of unlawful activity.”

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Jan 18

Blue Machine at the Ward 68 By-Election

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Apr 24

Your Vote Can Make History!

Final Poster

Apr 22

Your Vote Can Win Gauteng!


Today, 22 April 2014, DA Gauteng Premier Candidate, Mmusi Maimane, launched the final phase of the DA’s posters for the Gauteng provincial elections.

The photos can be accessed for use here.

With just 2 weeks until Election day all signs point to the closest election result in Gauteng’s history.

Today our message to every person who believes in change is clear: Your vote can win Gauteng!

Mar 24

What Nkandla really cost South Africa


Mar 21

MD of Pikitup Suspended – The Chickens have come Home to Roost

Media Release by:

Alan Fuchs

DA Spokesperson on Pikitup

The following statement was released by the Chairperson of the Pikitup Board on Monday 17th March:

“The City of Johannesburg today confirms that Mr Suren Maharaj, the Pikitup Financial Director, is now Acting Manager of Pikitup, following the suspension of its Managing Director, Ms Amanda Nair. Nair has been suspended and formally charged – in summary, on matters relating to supply chain management and Municipal Finance Management Act, pending a disciplinary enquiry instituted against her.

Specific details of the charges levelled against Ms Nair cannot be made public at this stage in pursuance of protecting the rights of both Pikitup and the employee. The enquiry confirms the City’s commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance as well as to the protection of the right to fair employment practices extended to its employees. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 18

ANC desperation undermining democracy

Media Release by:

Dr Kevin Wax

DA PR Councillor in the City of Johannesburg

The defection of Bev Abrahams, until recently a Democratic Alliance (DA) Member of Parliament in Gauteng and Political Head of the Phuthaditjhaba Constituency, to the ANC, demonstrates total desperation on the part of the ruling party to hold onto power in Gauteng. This defection together with that of other DA public representatives in the province seeks to undermine the very democracy that great leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Steve Bhiko, Helen Suzman and others had sacrificed their lives for. The ANC list released on Tuesday 11 March 2014 clearly shows its gross disregard for a corruption free society. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 14

Where is the Law Enforcement?

Media Release by:

Dot Corrigan

DA Shadow MMC for Development Planning in the City of Johannesburg

The Democratic Alliance is Johannesburg is highly concerned with the countless building control and planning contraventions occuring in the City of Johannesburg. The City’s officials respond by throwing up their hands and telling Councillors nothing can be done! “Don’t even bother reporting building control and planning contraventions,” one Councillor was told, “The Planning department is hopeless and does nothing!”

The Development Planning Department in the City of Johannesburg, under which building control and land use management fall, is currently running at 51 % capacity of funded posts. This department is responsible for building plans and zoning applications. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 09

Thank you for registering!




Thank you to everyone who came out and registered to vote this weekend!

The numbers of registrations were incredibly high and one can see the people of Johannesburg and Gauteng are ready to vote for a change!

Bring on Elections 2014!

Feb 07

DA march for REAL jobs to go ahead

Media Release by:

Helen Zille

Leader of the DA

At a meeting with the Johannesburg Metro Police today, the DA secured the right to march for six million REAL jobs in Johannesburg next week on Wednesday 12 February.

We have stated all along that we will march legally and peacefully. There is nothing provocative about this. The only thing we aim to provoke is a debate over who has the best plan to create jobs. Is it Jacob Zuma’s ANC with it bogus promise of 6 million public works placements? Or is it the DA’s plan to create 6 million permanent REAL jobs by 2025 through sustainable economic growth? Read the rest of this entry »

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